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Hello Silly Season

Noisy MTN boat cautioned in Clifton's Marine Reserve.


"Yello Summer" arrives with speakers pumping...

"MTN Boat" arrives & sets anchor in Clifton Bay on Saturday 16 Dec 2006
Loudspeakers direct music at the shore.

...accompanied by two MTN Tenders, who have to be warned away from the bathing area by Clifton Surf Lifesavers.

SAPS Water Wing vessel stands by, after requesting "MTN Boat" to tone down and move offshore. (16 Dec)


"MTN Boat" returns on Sunday morning, and makes itself heard well before the (Vodacom) Beach Challenge event
gets underway on Fourth Beach. (17 Dec)

And they're back at work on Monday... (18 Dec)

By mid afternoon, Marine Law Enforcement show them the rules, and remind them what
a Marine Reserve is supposed to be. (18 Dec)


Marine Law Enforcement head back to port (18 Dec)


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